Why is the tourist translation so important?

Tourism is one of the sectors that better and more quickly has adapted to digitization. That has been the fuel that has become one of the industries most developed in recent years.

However, this industry could not operate alone. There are three reasons why the translation is needed for tourism.

#1. On the internet there are no barriers.

Customers do not fall from heaven and the tourists either. Let alone if they reside in a foreign country and speak a language completely different from yours.

Things don’t work as before and the tourist of today moves like a fish in water when it comes to organize online travel.

If you can compare and choose between the different hotels and tourist apartments in Shanghai from a tip of the coast of Andalusia with your mobile phone, are what you going to waste any more time to go to a local travel agency? Tourism market thus reinforces his classroom digital offering tourists particularly suitable web sites and applications to organize travel and enjoy them during your stay at the place of destination.

Thanks to the internet, the scope of this sector has increased dramatically, more even if they offer these tools in different languages. Tourists multiply is as cu… moths!

Although not always achieved the goal that is desired. It is very common to find you with a hotel web translated into the Spanish with an automatic translator and read something in the comments as well as:

Internet has no boundaries, but we still need to save language barriers to give potential customers the confidence that it deserves.

#2. We must give to the tourist you are looking for.

You’ll think: ‘ and looking for tourists apart from cheap travel well?ยป. So much more, my friend.

The statistics say that much of travel reservations are made online. However, the numbers also show that a very high percentage does not rely on poorly translated web pages, even that they would be willing to pay more if this website is translated into their native language.

Indeed, the objective of any tourist is travel well, but for that we have to speak the same language and pay attention to the cultural differences, which can ruin any tourism promotion campaign.

#3. Spread the culture.

Let us be realistic. You will not know French culture by seeing a picture of the Arc de Triomphe on Instagram, isn’t it?

However, tourist translation is a way to open the doors of a wide culture in order to make it more accessible. For this reason, it is a discipline that requires experienced professionals and connoisseurs of both cultures and languages (the origin and the destination).

It is necessary that adequate translation and adaptation strategies are used to spread this culture in another language so that tourists feel it close and incite you to want to know it.

But not everything will be headaches. If so many translators are specialized in tourism is something:

  • It is a very attractive by the kind of texts that are translated.
  • You learn many things from other countries, cultures and customs.
  • You know your creative side and put it into practice in unexpected places.
  • You will improve the list of places to visit on your next vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, If you want to devote yourself to the tourist, translation you’ll need the knowledge and the necessary tools. So let’s start with the basics: who are your customers and in which sectors will work if you’re tourist translator?